Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

🌟 New

  • We are continuing to test a new version of the lightbox in the iOS app. If you have feedback, please send it via the Support form‘s ‘Feedback’ category.

🛠 Fixed

  • For a few hours yesterday, some password reset emails were not being sent. If you are still having any trouble, follow these steps.
  • Earlier today, we fixed an issue that caused the post footer to be completely absent from posts with a community label.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented group blog members from interacting with their own posts in the mass post editor.
  • Fixed an issue in post embeds where blog URLs in the reblog trail used instead of the relevant blog view URL.
  • Fixed an issue on web that allowed anonymous asks to contain hyperlinked text.

🚧 Ongoing

  • Nothing to report here today.

🌱 Upcoming

  • Nothing to share here today.

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