Friday, March 10th, 2023

🌟 New

  • On web, search results can now be filtered to only posts containing polls via the post type filter at the top.
  • On web, buttons that lead to your blog settings are now labelled as “Blog settings” instead of “Edit Appearance”.
  • On web, using certain special tags when making a post will now cause some special effects in the posting success popup.
  • On web, in the mobile layout’s navigation drawer, the “Create” button is now affixed to the bottom of the drawer.

🛠 Fixed

  • In Tumblr for iOS 28.5, we’ve fixed an issue that was causing images to be tiled incorrectly in photosets when the images in a row have differing widths.
  • Also in Tumblr for iOS 28.5, we fixed a bug that sometimes caused text to be cut out of the end of long posts.
  • Fixed a bug on web in the Your Tags dashboard tab that skipped highlighting your followed tags if they weren’t the right casing (i.e. instead of ); the highlighting logic is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the activity feed on web that was causing inconsistent padding within certain activity items.
  • Fixed a bug on web that was causing the wrong message to display when extinguishing a blazed post.

🚧 Ongoing

  • Nothing to report here today.

🌱 Upcoming

  • We had another Tumblr Hack Day earlier this week, stay tuned on @engineering to read about some of what we built!

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